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Limo Ann Arbor Chelsea

Our Top 10 Favorite Bars & Restaurants in Chelsea

Common Grill

Common Grill is anything but common. Everything that comes out of the kitchen is prepared to perfection. It's pricey but worth it for the super high quality. Great seafood and incredible wine list! We're in love with their crisp salads, fish tacos, and we can't say enough about the amazing paella. The linguini and ravioli dishes are simply outstanding as well and the crab cakes are a must. They even have seafood omelette's on the breakfast menu! And you'll rave about the service you'll receive.

112 S Main St | Chelsea, MI 48118 | (734) 475-0470

Chelsea Alehouse Brewery

If you are all about a great brewery and pub atmosphere combined with a super great sandwich shop in terms of food, this is your spot! The barbecue pork sandwiches are our go-to item here and they go so well with a nice cold pint of their delicious beer! By far, Chelsea Alehouse has the best spinach and artichoke dip served with delicious stone ground tortilla chips. The servers are very friendly and the ambiance will put you at ease.

420 North Maine, Ste 100 | Chelsea, MI 48118 | (734) 433-5500

Cleary's Pub

Another great pub that is perfect for Limo Ann Arbor groups in the Chelsea area is Cleary's. This is a place where you can get a home cooked meal and fine dining rolled into one. We love the convenient location on Main Street and you certainly won't have to worry about parking when you're out here with us. Excellent food and even better ambiance. For dessert, you can't do better than the fried ice cream with coconut and whipped cream! The service is out of this world. You'll adore this place!

113 S Main St | Chelsea, MI 48118 | (734) 475-1922

Seitz's Tavern

No list of limousine destinations would be complete without a good dive bar, and in the Chelsea area Seitz's Tavern definitely fits the bill! This place has been here for ages and there is so much history behind it all. We recommend asking the staff about it! Really adds to the experience. The food is delish and the drinks are even better! You can't beat the prices at this casual watering hole, whether you're taking a shot of top shelf liquor or knocking back the PBRs you'll be blown away by the prices.

110 West Middle St | Chelsea, MI 48118 | (734) 475-7475

Smokehouse 52 BBQ

If you love barbecue as much as we do, and if you're planning a Limo Ann Arbor trip in the Chelsea area, then you simply must check out Smokehouse 52 BBQ. They have some of the greatest BBQ items in the entire surrounding area and they've got all the alcoholic beverages that go so well with that too! Corn chowder, cornbread, brisket, and great mac and cheese are all on the menu! And the giant sundaes are great for dessert! Great for limo groups! Amazing!

125 S Main St | Chelsea, MI 48118 | (734) 562-2565

Chelsea Grill

This is a simple and smart American restaurant with a lovely interior where you and your limousine friends can stop in and enjoy some hearty sandwiches, delicious soups, and perfectly cooked French fries. If you're a lover of a good Cubano, this is the spot to get one, and you just might want to try the beef barley soup alongside it! The desserts are out of this world and you'll want to make sure you save room for a brownie sundae! Perfection!

1120 S Main St | Chelsea, MI 48118 | (734) 475-7714

Jet's Pizza

If you want to pick up a stack of pizzas to enjoy in the limousine with your Limo Ann Arbor friends when in Chelsea, Jet's Pizza is your most reliable bet! You know that these guys get tons of awards for their excellent slices, and they're quick too! This is a dine-in location with a sports bar area as well. Definitely worth checking out.

506 N Main St | Chelsea, MI 48118 | (734) 433-9700

Arctic Breakaway

The name sounds like a ski chalet but it's really a great spot to watch local hockey while you throw back a bunch of brewskis and hang out with your buddies! We adore the sports bar atmosphere here and the service is almost too good for that kind of ambiance! Just wonderful. The food is bar fare, but sooooo good. Love it!

501 Coliseum Dr | Chelsea, MI 48118 | (734) 475-9999

Stivers Restaurant

Get ready for roadhouse style and we just love the ambiance and the vibe. Limo Ann Arbor customers enjoy what they offer the Chelsea area and they stop in often. The drinks are super strong here, not at all for the faint of heart, and you'll love the bar fare just as much! Super cozy and chill, definitely a must-visit.

11 S Fletcher Rd | Chelsea, MI 48118 | (734) 475-3610

Terry B's

Located in nearby Dexter, Terry B's is an upscale and delightful offering where you can enjoy a three-course meal for your special Limo Ann Arbor celebration. Our favorite thing here has got to be the butter-poached lobster. Oh, my. The prices are up there but not too high for the intense quality that you receive!

7954 Ann Arbor St | Dexter, MI 48130 | (734) 426-3727

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