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Our Top 10 Favorite Bars & Restaurants in Lyndon Township

Common Grill

One of the more upscale choices in the Lyndon Township area. This is a really stellar American restaurant and bar that knows how to serve up a superb dining and drinking experience for you. Wonderful seafood and salads here and a wine list that we think you will really appreciate. We can't get enough of the corn chowder soup, unless it's breakfast or brunch time when we satisfy our craving for French toast! To drink, thry any of their fruity martinis, like the pometini! The staff is so efficient and aim to please in such a way that you will never lack for anything.

112 South Main St | Chelsea, MI 48118 | 734-475-0470

Chelsea Alehouse Brewery

Chelsea Alehouse Brewery is a pub and brewery among the best of them. They really deliver an experience that is a cut above the rest, and all our Lyndon Township area Limo Ann Arbor customers know it too! They are known for their BBQ items, not the least of which is their pork sandwich and the cole slaw and really any of their other fresh sandwiches especially on marble rye with fresh avocado. Your taste buds will be dancing a jig. The maple bacon brownie is their most popular dessert, and we definitely suggest it! The giant soft pretzels just might be the best, though!

420 North Main St | Chelsea, MI 48118 | 734-433-5500

Cleary's Pub

One of the coolest party spots in the Lyndon area has got to be Cleary's Pub. We love everything about this bar, the lighting, the decor, and just the overall feel that this place gives off. It reminds us of fun summer nights and makes us look forward to more of them. The food is great bar fare and we think it always tastes like home made! And the drink specials will definitely save you some dough. Nice!

113 S Main St | Chelsea, MI 48118 | 734-475-1922

Dam Site Inn

Located in nearby Hell, Dam Site Inn goes all out with their hell fire theme, and though that's a dime a dozen in this area, we have to admit that we love it! The bar food is really good and there's a nice selection of it for you to browse and choose something good, like the broiled walleye that will make you feel like you're in a fancy restaurant! The service is anything but hellish, in fact it's quite heavenly! Love it here.

4045 Patterson Lake Rd | Hell, MI 48169 | 734-878-9300

Inverness Inn

A real gem in the Lyndon Township area is Inverness Inn and we just can't get enough of it! Our Limo Ann Arbor customers agree. This place tends to attract a more mature crowd and some families too. It's a great spot to get some delicious bar fare and to just relax and have a good conversation with your limo group. The Inverness Inn has some of the best desserts like strawberry shortcake you'll go crazy for to the most decadent brownie sundae you've ever had!

13996 N Territorial Rd | Gregory, MI 48137 | 734-475-1515

Seitz's Tavern

Seitz's Tavern has got to be one of Limo Ann Arbor's favorite dive bars overall, and the fact that it's located so conveniently for our customers in the Lyndon Township are only makes us love it more. Awesome history here, you can just feel it in the air, and there's photographic evidence of the longevity too. Ask about it while you're there.

110 West Middle Street | Chelsea, MI 48118 | 734-475-7475

Smokehouse 52 BBQ

Barbecue lovers on the road with Limo Ann Arbor always ask about Smokehouse 52 BBQ and we tell them that it's one of the best places around! We could go on and on about all the BBQ items that they have here, but our favorite things are really the mac and cheese and the fries! The bar is awesome and the service superb!

125 S Main St | Chelsea, MI 48118 | 734-562-2565

Chelsea Grill

Chelsea Grill is a smart lunch spot in the Lyndon Township area that we think you'll really enjoy during your trip with us. They've got a ton of great sandwiches to choose from, all generously sized and with super fresh toppings. The Cubano is our favorite! Great beef barley soup and yummy fries as well! Nice for groups.

1120 South Main Street | Chelsea, MI 48118 | 734-475-7714

Jet's Pizza

You might think you know Jet's Pizza, but if you only know the carryout place, then you really ought to check out this dine-in Jet's Pizza restaurant and bar in the Lyndon Township area! Limo Ann Arbor customers just adore it and so do we! The combo of a relaxing dining experience paired with amazing Jet's Pizza? It doesn't get any better! The sports bar vibe is too good to believe, and the pizza is just off the hook! So tasty and delish. We love it and you're gonna love it!

506 North Main | Chelsea, MI 48118 | 734-433-9700

Stivers Family Restaurant

Stivers has gotten our recommendation a time or two for the Limo Ann Arbor service area and especially for our Lyndon Township area travelers. Whether you're looking for a place to enjoy a family meal or a quick bite with friends, Stivers is a perfect choice! This is pure roadhouse style at its very best and you will really enjoy soaking up that atmosphere that's all too hard to find nowadays. Stiffest drinks ever and wonderful bar food and service!

11 South Fletcher Rd | Chelsea, MI 48118 | 734-475-3610

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