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Our Top 10 Favorite Bars & Restaurants in Lima Township

Common Grill

We've said it once and we'll say it again. There is nothing common about Common Grill. In fact, this isn't just an eating establishment, it is a great experience. It's all about that impressive wine list, their super fresh and tasty seafood dishes, and of course their crisp and delicious salads! Amazing service too.

112 S Main St | Chelsea, MI 48118 | (734) 475-0470

Terry B's

Terry B's gets all kinds of business from Limo Ann Arbor groups when we're traveling in the Lima Township area and we have no doubt that you'll choose it as one of your destinations too. They have a three-course menu that is wonderful and affordable. There are so many amazing dishes to pick from and we absolutely love the wine aperitif, so will you.

7954 Ann Arbor St | Dexter, MI 48130 | (734) 426-3727

Chelsea Alehouse Brewery

When Limo Ann Arbor customers are looking for a nice brewery in the Lima Township area, we send them here every single time! They have an array of microbrews that you will love, and you'll also want to dive right into their barbecued pork sandwiches and of course a nice helping of their famous cole slaw! Just like grandma's! So good.

420 N Main St | Chelsea, MI 48118 | (734) 433-5500

Cleary's Pub

Often cited as an example of a top pub in the county with an awesome bar atmosphere is Cleary's, and we definitely recommend this one to you if you're traveling with a limo group in this area. Located so conveniently right on Main Street and just loaded with options for both food and drink, plus the best service around. Clean and cozy!

113 S Main St | Chelsea, MI 48118 | (734) 475-1922

Stivers Restaurant

Everyone needs a classic roadhouse in their life and this one is a must-visit when you're out here in the Lima area with Limo Ann Arbor. They have some of the strongest drinks in town, to the point that we have wondered if they left the mixer out entirely! Can't complain about that kind of value for your money! The food is great too, delicious bar fare that you will love!

11 S Fletcher Rd | Chelsea, MI 48118 | (734) 475-3610

The Alley

The Alley is another of our favorite pubs in the Lima area and we especially enjoy the fact that you get such a great small town bar atmosphere with the small town prices that ought to go with it! The service is old fashioned and friendly, the kind you thought you couldn't get anymore. They keep it clean and it's a good looking spot!

2830 Baker Rd | Dexter, MI 48130 | (734) 426-4707

Metzger's German Restaurant

German food is at its very best at Metzger's German Restaurant right here in Lima. It's extremely popular with our clients as they are always requesting it and we know why! It's all about that huge menu of German favorites and the incredibly kind and old fashioned service that you receive right along with it. Great for larger groups too!

305 N Zeeb Rd | Ann Arbor, MI 48103 | (734) 668-8987

Aubree's Pizzeria & Grill

Pizza lovers in the Lima Township area know that they can rely on Aubree's Pizzeria & Grill any day of the week! Limo Ann Arbor customers can't get enough. They request this one all the time. They have the best looking and best tasting pizzas around, and we love the pepperoni and bacon toppings the best! Nice for groups!

8031 Main St | Dexter, MI 48130 | (734) 424-1400

The Sports Bar Westside

The greatest sports bar atmosphere in the Lima Township area is to be had at The Sports Bar Westside right here on Jackson Road. We always remember that they've got a sensational salad bar here and we've particularly enjoyed their coleslaw and their fries. Cool atmosphere, nice service, and just an overall great bar!

5510 Jackson Rd | Ann Arbor, MI 48103 | (734) 668-7800

Seitz's Tavern

This one captures that dive bar atmosphere just perfectly for our Limo Ann Arbor customers in the Lima Township area. It's one of those small town bars that has seemingly been here forever, and you'll certainly want to chat with the bartender about the history of it while you're there. Plenty of space for groups, great food, and stiff drinks!

110 W Middle St | Chelsea, MI 48118 | (734) 475-7475

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