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Here's our favorite places to eat & drink in Dexter

Terry B's

This is a real gem for Limo Ann Arbor customers in the Dexter area! It's a cool American bar with plenty of room for groups and an upscale menu that will have your taste buds dancing on cloud nine! The butter-poached lobster is our absolute favorite thing here and we adore the sparkling wine aperitif too! The service, food, and atmosphere are all on point, so consider celebrating a special event dinner at Terry's!

7954 Ann Arbor Street | Dexter, MI 48130 | (734) 426-3727

The Alley - CLOSED

For those who love a great burger and a beer in a super cozy pub atmosphere, you have got to check out The Alley in the Dexter part of Limo Ann Arbor's service area! This is a very welcoming spot with super low prices and a casual setting. You'll get to enjoy great drink specials every single day on beer, cocktails, and shots! You'll love diving into their juicy burgers and soaking up the ambiance!

2830 Baker Rd | Dexter, MI 48130 | (734) 426-4707

Aubree's Pizzeria & Grill

Limousine cruisers love stopping for a delicious slice of pizza or two (or more!) and Aubree's is a particular favorite in this area! There's just tons of space here which is really ideal for your special celebrations with bigger groups. We just love the taste of the crust, the sauce, the cheese... it's all pure perfection here, every single time!

8031 Main St | Dexter, MI 48130 | (734) 424-1400

The Dexter Pub

The spot that's named after the city is definitely worth checking out when you're exploring the town with your friends. It's a nice big place but it does fill up quickly, especially on the weekends, so you'll definitely want to call ahead for limousine groups. Cozy bar, awesome prices, great salads and burgers and so much more!

8114 Main St | Dexter, MI 48130 | (734) 426-1234

Metzger's German Restaurant

If a hankering for German food hits when you're out here in your limousine, you'll want to head over to Metzger's. They have all of your classic German favorites here plus some surprises that you wouldn't expect to see. Wonderful prices, great service, and that good down home feel that you can't help but crave. Recommended!

305 North Zeeb Road | Ann Arbor, MI 48103 | (734) 668-8987

The Sports Bar Westside

Limousine outings are always made better by a great sports bar trip, and this is one of our personal favorites in the Dexter area. They have a nice salad bar here that's filled with crisp fresh items for you, and you'll also love their burgers, steaks, and even seafood. The drinks are nice and strong, never ever watered down! You can't beat this place!

5510 Jackson Road | Ann Arbor, MI 48103 | (734) 668-7800

Grand Traverse Pie Company

Craving something sweet? Or maybe a deli sandwich for lunch? Grand Traverse Pie Company is your spot. Some have compared it to Panera Bread, and we'd say that's pretty spot-on. It's a nice place to nosh on a great lunch while you get a little work done on your laptop or tablet. Also nice for a casual limousine group lunch! The tomato basil soup is the perfect warm dish for a cool day, and for dessert you cannot top their cherry peach crumb pie with a side of ice cream!

291 N Zeeb Rd | Ann Arbor, MI 48103 | (734) 997-9702

Creekside Grill & Bar - CLOSED

Creekside Grill & Bar offers up a nice rustic ambiance that is just perfect for your outings in the Dexter area with Limo Ann Arbor. Our favorite things on the menu have got to be the burgers and fries. Oh, and the mashed potatoes with gouda are oustanding. So simple but so good. They really do 'em right. We can't get enough of the food at Creekside. The waitresses are always so kind and attentive too. You'll sense a really small town feel.

5827 Jackson Rd | Ann Arbor, MI 48103 | (734) 827-2737

Big Boy

Big Boy is always a popular destination with Limo Ann Arbor partygoers and this one is no exception in the Dexter area! They've got all the classics that you are so familiar with here, including their famous soup and salad bar, Big Boys and Slim Jims, yummy chicken sandwiches, a ton of different entrees, and so much more! Whatever you're craving, Big Boy will deliver with all of their food available at all hours. Dinner for breakfast or breakfast for dinner? Get it here!

497 N Zeeb Rd | Ann Arbor, MI 48103 | (734) 213-8200

Giardino's Sandwich Creations & Pizza

Another one of our favorite pizza restaurants in the Dexter area is Giardino's, where you can also enjoy great sandwich creations! They have definitely served our Limo Ann Arbor customers well over the years. We're huge fans of their free breadsticks and we also adore their yummy meatballs and sandwiches! Lots of familiar favorites here, good drinks, and top notch service!

5060 Jackson Rd | Ann Arbor, MI 48103 | (734) 585-5070


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